Application Instructions (click here anytime to review)

Welcome to Tidewater Medical Training's online application.  In order to participate in a Tidewater Medical Training program, potential students must first complete a Student Application. The application is completed on-line at: For applicants who do not have access to the on-line version of our application, a paper application may be requested from the admissions office. After the application is received, applicants will be contacted within 2 business days to schedule a telephone interview. All prospective students will be required to complete a telephone interview with an Admission’s Representative. The purpose of the interview is to ensure applicants meet eligibility requirements, provide detailed information about TMT programs and answer applicant questions. After the interview, the Admission’s Representative will determine if the applicant will be accepted as a student. Applicants are accepted if they will benefit from completing the program and meet all program entry requirements. Placement of students into TMT programs is at the discretion of TMT Staff. TMT reserves the right to deny the entrance of any student based on their interview, application, or interactions with staff. Once accepted into the program, applicants will be offered a registration appointment by the Admission’s Representative. Most classes require that non-refundable registration, book & material and criminal history search fees be paid during registration. Notification of acceptance will be made by phone or email. Students may register up to six months prior to the class start date and must be registered prior to the class start date. All classes have a limited number of seats and registration is contingent upon seat availability. All applications must be received before the registration period ends.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • This application may not work properly on some mobile devices and is best completed on a traditonal computer.
  • Do NOT use your browsers back button once you begin completing the application.
  • The information is NOT saved until you get to Step 7 and press the SUBMIT button.
  • You may click back through the steps to edit or review information as needed.
  • You must complete the spaces accurately.  Do not skip spaces unless an item does not apply.
  • When you hit the SUBMIT button the form will be checked to make sure the mandatory information was entered.
  • Please allocate 15-30 minutes to properly complete the application process.
  • No money or fee is required to complete the application.

You will need to have the following information available:

  • Work history (companies, places, dates, supervisors name, etc.)
  • Education (high school, places, dates, degrees, etc.)
  • Dates of Military Service
  • A personal statement about why you want to be a CNA

To begin the process:

  • Download the barrier crimes list from the Board of Nursing by clicking here.
  • Clicking on STEP 1 - Personal Information and begin completing the form.
  • Once all information is entered in STEP 1, click on STEP 2 - Education.
  • You must proceed through all 6 steps.
  • Click SUBMIT in Step 6 to send your application to us!

Step 1 - Personal Information

Please include your middle initial. This helps us distinguish between people who may have like names. If you have no middle name, leave this field blank.
Example: 123 Main Street
Please double-check your e-mail address. We will send application details here.
Please choose the class you are interested in.
TMT has two convenient campuses to serve your needs. Please choose which campus you wish to train at.

Note: Not all campuses have the same course offerings or schedule.
TMT offers flexible classes to meet your needs. Please indicate your day/evening preference.
When would you like to begin training? Enter ASAP for the next available class.
This is for statistical purposes and reporting.
MM/DD/YYYY - This will be used to conduct your background check.
Please include date and place of conviction, nature of the charges, and any other information you would like considered.
Please do not include minor traffic offenses (e.g., speeding)
Please include date and place of conviction, nature of the charges, and any other information you would like considered.

Step 2 - Education

HIGH SCHOOL - Please tell us if you attended (graduated or not) High School.

Where did you go to High School or obtain your GED?
At am minimum, please include the city and state.
(MM/DD/YYYY) Please include a Month/Year at a minimum.

COLLEGE - Please tell us if you attended (graduated or not) college.

At am minimum, please include the city and state.
Example: Associates in Accounting, Bachelors of Business

TRADE SCHOOL/OTHER - Please tell us if you attended (graduated or not) a trade school or other school of higher education.

Example: ABC School of Medical Billing
At am minimum, please include the city and state.

Step 3 - Previous Employment

Type in NONE if you've never been employed.

Step 4 - Military Service


Step 5 - Other

Please provide a thoughtful response of at least several sentences.

Note: This question is only applicable to those applying for the CNA training program.

Step 6 - Submit Your Application

I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Submitting an application does not guarantee a seat in a class and providing false or misleading information is grounds for removal from any class whether in session or not.

I understand that this is not an employment application.

By typing your name in this box you are electronically signing this document. This electronic signature has the same legal force and power as if you had used a traditional pen.

 Two convenient, state-of-the-art campuses to serve all of your training needs! 

Hampton Campus
1503 Hardy Cash Drive
Hampton, VA 23666

Certified by SCHEV to operate in Virginia. 

Virginia Beach Campus
1300 Diamond Springs Road, Suite 102
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455